Zachary Kessler

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Curriculum vitae

Policy Modeling, Public Policy Programme

Alan Turing Institute


In my time at George Mason University, I have had the pleasure of directly teaching four undergraduate courses as well as providing support for a number of graduate courses at the Masters level. I view my role as a guide and facilitator, assisting my students in not only understanding new material but applying it to novel areas as they generate their own work and critically explore what they have been taught.

Student Testimonials

"The Professor is extremely knowledgeable of the material. He answered each and every single question that was asked in the entire semester. The readings were higher level but they were relevant and the prof. was capable of answering all the relevant theoretical framework. The course was very organized and clear. Just go ahead and give him tenure; he is by far one of the best professor I have had in 20+ classes."

"Professor Kessler spoke very dynamically and always encouraged asking questions after each key point to ensure we understood everything covered throughout the class. He also answered any questions regardless of their direct relevance to the course, which created a rich learning environment where we could ask questions about economics in general terms without fear of being shot down for asking off–topic questions. All feedback on assignments were very helpful and any feedback needing clarification, he was happy to do so through shooting him an email. Just an all–around amazing professor."

"Personally, I have no modifications for the way this course was taught. Aside from the difficulties that come with this being a night class, taking Professor Kessler's macroeconomics course was the best decision I could have made when registering for ECON 104 for my second time here at GMU."